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Our Mission

Roe v. Rape helps survivors of sexual violence heal through activism and prevents sexual violence through education.
When a person has experienced sexual assault, they often feel a sense of powerlessness. We hope to help survivors reclaim their power. Our coalition provides a supportive community to collectively fight for survivors' rights and make it clear that the survivor population, consisting of approximately 1.9 billion people worldwide, cannot be ignored. Roe v. Rape is a new, student--run organization, so currently only operates in Ann Arbor, MI, and San Francisco, CA.

Meaning Behind Our Name and Logo

The name "Roe v. Rape" represents the joining of forces of survivors (who commonly use the pseudonyms Jane Roe and John Doe in court) to fight against rape and rape culture alike. And no, our name actually has nothing to do with Roe v. Wade, although we are supportive of reproductive rights!
feminist symbol.jpg
Feminist symbol, representing feminism: the belief that all genders and sexes are equal.
sexual assault ribbon.jpg
Sexual assault awareness ribbon, which is teal and can be worn as a sign of support of survivors.

We Need Your Support Today!

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