Campaign to Change the University of Michigan's Sexual Misconduct Policy and Procedures

In Doe v. Baum (2018), the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the University of Michigan must provide accused students or their agents an opportunity to cross-examine their accusers. However, while cross-examination in itself is now legally mandated in sexual misconduct cases, the Sixth Circuit Court explicitly discouraged letting respondents (the accused) conduct cross examination due to the trauma it would cause to claimants (victims).
U of M chose to go against the Court’s recommendation that agents should conduct the cross-examination rather than the parties themselves. U of M’s current sexual misconduct policy requires direct cross-examination between respondents and claimants, and prohibits personal advisers from asking the questions. To restate: this particular cross-examination model is not legally mandated; the University of Michigan chose to design the policy this way.

Moving Forward in 2020

Roe v. Rape has a lot going on with this project in 2020. We are currently planning a number of protests and events during Winter 2020 semester (January through April). If you have any feedback for University administrators, please fill out the below form and we will pass it along.

Feedback for U-M Administration
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Roe v. Rape